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I've been working with wood almost as far back as I can remember. I've worked as a carpenter and I’ve built furniture - tables, chairs, beds and china cabinets.

I made my first shuffleboard table 25+ years ago - Sorry no picture of that one available! It did lead me to help a friend make one and then another for someone in town. I put a small ad in the local paper and sold a couple a year for a couple of years. Then I placed an ad in the area yellow pages and increased sales to a few more each year.

In 2003 I created my first webpage to advertise my business and from there, sales have just went up and up. I’ve had customers throughout the United States. We've shipped to at least 18 states. What used to be just a local one-man show has become a proud family business that serves North America.

There are several commercial manufacturers of shuffleboard tables located in the US. Most offer a range of tables from the entry level to higher end tables. They come in a range of prices that reflect the quality of the table. We have always felt that the tables we offer should be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. While it is possible to manufacture a table of lesser quality but look good, it is not something we would ever consider.




While other companies boast of maple, walnut, cherry, other wood finishes, what they generally mean is that it is a veneer plywood.

When you order one of our tables – cherry, maple, oak, walnut…, the side rails, legs, trim, options are solid hardwood. With the proper care, solid hardwood should last for generations.

I hand select each and every piece of wood to get the prettiest and best match possible. The finished product is then stained and hand finished.

The playing surface has at least two coats of an ultra-durable epoxy finish. These surfaces should never need to be refinished, unlike the old polyurethane coated tables that wore over time.




Our goal at Puck and Plank shuffleboards is to offer the highest quality table on the market at prices that are comparable to other quality tables.

Our tables start around $4500 and are built to last a lifetime.

When a table leaves our shop, we want to be proud of the fact that the table is of the highest quality and when you, the customer, see it for the first time you will say that it is better than you could have imagined.

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